Do you have a message to share?

Do you want to help people, in a way that feels good?

Are you ready to make an income, while making an impact?

Teaching School is the thing you've been waiting for.

Teaching School is the thing that can remove the limits on the money you make and the people you reach.

Teaching School is the thing that can launch you and your business to new heights.

This course is for you if:

You love helping people.

You have a skill or knowledge that people ask you about.

You want to be able to reach more people, and for it to be easy.

You are daunted by the task of setting up online workshops and courses, but know you have value to share.

This course will teach you:

How to build a brand and a body of work that reaches people and impacts their lives.

How to create well-structured and meaningful workshops and presentations.

How to get people to want to take part in your workshops and presentations.

How to develop effective and valuable online courses and programs.

How to market and promote your courses in a way that never feels 'sales-y'.

How to build sought after online groups and membership programs.

How to attract people into your groups in a way that feels easy and aligned with who you are.

How does it work?

Teaching School is an intensive four-week course, delivered fully online.

It is totally flexible. All the training videos, downloadable PDFs and worksheets are there for you, to work through and as and when it suits you.

The course is run by me, Carlie Maree as a collaboration with learning expert and course coach, Emma Lee.

When do I need to enrol?

Enrolments close on 1st Jan 2019

Are you ready?

Are you sick of making a limited income and making a limited impact, even though you have unlimited passion?

This course will give you the platform to share your passion in a big way.

I'm not kidding around. This will be quite a ride. This experience will ask you to grow, and challenge yourself. I will ask you to step outside of your comfort zone and fully own the value that you have to give.

You have the ability to help people. You have the desire to help people. All you need is the tools.

Teaching School is exactly that.

I have built a very successful business, teaching people what I know and what I have learned. And I am so excited to share all of this with you, in this unique and powerful course.


  • Carlie Maree

    Carlie Maree

    Carlie Maree is a writer, teacher and mentor with a passion for empowering women who want more. A qualified life coach, experienced business builder and respected thought leader, Carlie works with the magic of our inner wisdom and feminine power to help women create the work-life harmony they dream of. From her laptop, in her little beachside home, she reaches women from all over the world on a daily basis - both through her online programs and her daily #SoulBizSnippets. Connect with Carlie over at or

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