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    Live trainings every week, each month with a new theme. All designed to help you grow and allow your business to thrive. September's course is Content Creation Queen.

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    The Soul Biz Sisterhood Facebook group has been described as the loveliest place on the internet. These are some of the most incredible women you'll meet. The connections formed here will last a lifetime.

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  • Carlie Maree

    Carlie Maree

    Carlie Maree is a writer, teacher and mentor with a passion for empowering women who want more. A qualified life coach, experienced business builder and respected thought leader, Carlie works with the magic of our inner wisdom and feminine power to help women create the work-life harmony they dream of. From her laptop, in her little beachside home, she reaches women from all over the world on a daily basis - both through her online programs and her daily #SoulBizSnippets. Connect with Carlie over at or

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"The soul biz sisterhood - a group of ambitious, life changing business mums coming together to motivate, empower and drive you to become better then you ever though possible! Before i joined this group i was tired, lacked motivation and was taking it one day at a time...since i found this group, i now never stop thinking about my business its seriously a constant thought in my head, i have so much motivation and ambition now to show people what i can do and prove to the world I CAN MAKE IT in business. I believe in myself more then i ever have, and i have something to prove! Incorporating the Soul Modes into my daily life and knowing how and why i feel the way i feel on a day to day basis, helps me not only in my business but also in my personal daily life. I now know who i am, and what i have to offer - theres no stopping me now!"


"Seriously life changing community to be a part of, full of the most beautiful, kind-hearted, inspiring humans doing great things. And a really affordable way of accessing bucket loads of continuing info, support and training in all things biz and wellbeing. Highly recommend xx


"I don't even know where to start with soul biz sisterhood. When I joined I was exhausted, completely out of my depth and terrified. Carlie gave me the confidence to take the risk my heart was telling me I needed to do and with the amazing support of the soul biz group the last 6 months have taken my personal growth and business to the next level. The training's recharge my energy and the group has become my refuge when it all gets to much. It has quickly become my most valuable rescource for running a business!"

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