Just the thing you've been waiting for...

  • Motivation

    What do you want and how do you want it? Let's bust your blocks, find your flow and start taking positive action from a place of 'I deeply desire to' rather than 'I should'.

  • Productivity

    Let's plug the holes where your time, energy and headspace are draining out. We will create momentum and start seeing actual results that charge you up and keep you moving.

  • Organisation

    Planning, scheduling, routines, structure. Does it make you cringe? But you feel like it's the missing link? Let's make it work for you in a way that FEELS GOOD.

Let's find the joy in your juggle.

Two businesses, two babies and uni. I've got balls in the air. And I absolutely know that you can juggle it all with joy.

The deets

  • How does it work?

    You get access to all the content from the previous live rounds, including video trainings and guided planning sessions.

  • Do I need a planner?

    You can use whatever planning and scheduling system works for you. I will show you how I use my planner, though my teachings can easily be tweaked to work with however you work.

  • What if I get behind?

    It's totally self-paced. You have access to all the recordings. You have access to all the course content forever. You can go back and work through it all as and when you like.